All orders are made fresh with high quality ingredients! Choose a flavor from those listed or let me know if you have something else in mind, all requests are welcome. Please note that pricing includes labor and all supplies.


basic cupcake - one cake flavor with a single frosting (extra cake flavor and/or frosting can be requested for an additional charge)

specialty cupcake - typically consists of a filling, additional toppings, and other tasty components. please see flavors for specialty flavor options.

basic cupcakes. $36 per dozen

mini basic cupcakes. $18 per dozen

specialty cupcakes. $48 per dozen

mini specialty cupcakes. $25 per dozen

Fondant Toppers

Custom fondant toppers begin at $1.50 per topper and increase in price depending on the design requested. Cupcakes with custom fondant toppers can be ordered in smaller quantities (4, 6, or 8).

basic cupcake w/fondant topper. $4.75 ea

specialty cupcake w/fondant topper. $5.50 ea

Unicorn Cupcakes

Unicorn cupcakes consist of one cake flavor and one frosting (a lighter shade frosting helps colors show). Cupcakes can be filled upon request. Unicorn cupcakes are decorated with an edible glitter horn, unicorn ears, up to three colors of frosting, and sprinkles.

4 unicorn cupcakes. $22

6 unicorn cupcakes. $30

8 unicorn cupcakes. $42

12 unicorn cupcakes. $62

24 unicorn cupcakes. $110


Customize your cupcakes even further with tie-dye frosting, edible glitter, and/or hand-picked cupcake holders. Cupcakes can be dipped in ganache, made gluten free, and/or vegan. Price varies, mention add-ons desired at time of order and a price quote will be provided.