Cake Flavors



chocolate chip

red velvet


lemon poppy seed


banana chocolate chip



pumpskin spice


Specialty Flavors


chocolate cake, salted graham cracker crust, marshmallow cream filling, and toasted vanilla buttercream with milk chocolate drizzle

banana cream pie

banana cake, graham cracker crust, banana custard filling, and vanilla buttercream sprinkled with graham cracker pieces


vanilla cake, oreo cookie crust, and milk or dark chocolate ganache filling topped with cookies n' cream buttercream

strawberry shortcake

vanilla cake with strawberry preserve filling topped with vanilla bean buttercream, white chocolate drizzle, and sprinkled with graham cracker pieces

german chocolate

chocolate cake, pecan-caramel-coconut filling, and milk chocolate ganache topped with toasted pecans

dulce de leche churro

cinnamon cake, dulce de leche filling, and vanilla-cinnamon buttercream dipped in cinnamon sugar with dulce de leche drizzle


chocolate cake, caramel filling, and caramel buttercream with caramel & milk chocolate drizzle sprinkled with pecans and chocolate chips


chocolate cake, caramel-peanut filling, peanut butter frosting, and milk chocolate drizzle topped with Snickers candy

black bottom

chocolate cake with baked-in cheesecake, chocolate chips, and vanilla & chocolate swirled buttercream sprinkled with shaved chocolate

coconut cream pie

coconut cake, graham cracker crust, coconut custard filling, and vanilla bean frosting rolled in toasted coconut flakes

Buttercream & Filling

Buttercream Options

vanilla. chocolate. dark chocolate. white chocolate. confetti. cookies n' cream. caramel. salted caramel. peanut butter. cream cheese. cinnamon cream cheese. strawberry. raspberry. lemon. coconut.

Filling Options

listed buttercreams. most cookies and candies. white, dark, or milk chocolate ganache. lemon curd. strawberry, blackberry, or raspberry preserve. vanilla bean or chocolate custard.